Riviera Maya's Photographers

Juan Navarro

I am Juan Navarro and it is an honor to be your wedding photographer. What you should really know about me is that I am madly in love with what I do. I feel really blessed to have found a passion that moves me in such a way than anything else I have experienced before.

Having the great responsibility of shooting your wedding has made me respect my job even more, since I will have no chance to do it again. I love living with you all the emotions you go through on this big day and most of all being able to give you the chance to have this memories for a lifetime to cherish and enjoy. What I like to shoot most is the very unique moments full of emotion and love that will happen during your wedding.

If you asked me right now, I wouldn´t be doing anything else in the whole world!

Antonio Ruesga

Ever since I was a little kid I have been involved in the amazing world of photography. I was brought up in a family that had developing laboratories where I spent most of my childhood learning how to develop 35mm and medium format photography films as well as experimenting with light and color the old fashion way, “In a dark room”.

I started 10 years ago working for Juan Photos Studios were I had my first go at capturing weddings. After many years I decided to move back home where I continued that passion I had for photography. While I was there I did weddings in some of the most amazing and unreal locations in Mexico like: Queretaro, Guanajuato, Salamanca, San Miguel de Allende to name a few. Nowadays I am back in the Riviera Maya and glad to be part of the Novia Mia Photography team among so many great talents.

I have always been passionate of what I do, I like things to be properly done, being a risk taker, patient and tireless. I like to capture great emotions so they stay frozen in time in that very special day of your lives. How good is it to receive a unique memory that is irrepetible? Who ever chooses me as their wedding photographer will have those unique memories captured forever.

Arturo Guadarrama

I am a music, photography and freedom lover. One of those Bohemian guys who likes to sip on a beer while he listens to his favourite song and in some occasions write about the beauty of life.

I started editing photos in 2009 for Juan Navarro Photo Studio, 2 years later after my passion for photography had grown I decided to take the camera as secondary photographer. During these years I learned how to improve in my photography as well as to be patient to capture that unique moment.

I spent 4 years as an assistant, now I have a year and a half as lead photographer. For me photography is more than just a hobby or a profession, for me its its touching the heart of the viewer by creating emotions with these type of art. I like to be seen as a person that creates art from experimenting with emotions, people and light.

Juan Muñoz

I am from the beautiful city of Cancún.

I studied electromechanical engineering however instead of following my career I decided to persue what I loved to do, photography.

My career as a photographer began in 2011 as a family photographer in Cancun Resorts.

I have been the photographer in over 150 weddings in Riviera Maya since 2014 and that is where I realized that being a wedding photographer was my passion. I came to realize that with photography you can create and bring out emotions, seeing people enjoying the photographs that I took for them and watch them be moved by them its' what makes me feel accomplished as a photographer.

What I love about my job is capturing the moments full of emotion that florish in the ceremony.

My style of photography is romantic, photojournalism, and candid moments and i love to work with natural light.

It would be a great honor if you share with me one of the most important moments of your life by letting me be your wedding photographer.

Xavier Bautista

Passionate, cheerful, a tireless dreamer ... By freezing bits of time with each click of my camera I'm a storyteller. I am 35 years old, I was born in Mexico City and now settled in a paradise of the Mexican Caribbean, The Riviera Maya.

After five years in this journey photography has become my life, it has shaped me and led me to meet great people who have become great friends. Photography for me is a way of thanking and sharing the way I see the world, capturing bits of time that will make you re-live these moments.

Its is my passion, this is how a wedding looks through my eyes...I hope to be in yours...

Christian Garza

I am originally from Guadalajara Jalisco and I am 35 years old, 5 of them I have dedicated to share and create stories through photography, in this paradisiacal destination that is the Riviera Maya, I am a storyteller and I would love to be able to tell yours being with you in each moment and being part of the most important day of your life. I have the privilege of having great mentors, who have instructed me to be sure that your memories will be unforgettable, so that you focus on the most important: your great day! Since it is a moment that will be captured forever and I would love to be part of it.