With the purpose of providing you with a better service we have created this section. Here you will find detailed explanation of our products and services as well as being able to navigate through frequently asked questions by our couples.

We are interested in going through all your needs so our representatives are available to call you for a personalised service and will be able to answer all your questions.

Services Offered


If you are looking for a real specialist who can offer you a high-quality photo studio, we will be glad to help you out. Our team of professional photographers is qualified to do engagement photo sessions, Casual couple photo studios, Trash the Dress Sessions, Urban Sessions etc. If you have something special in mind we will be glad to perform it for you.

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As part of one of our services we provide our customers with colouring of their digital or analog photo material. Our team of professional photo editors can work on your photos to bring out lively colours in each of your photos. We can also do color correction to your photos, this process will balance the temperature of your photos so they all look similar in colour.

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Our company has a professional printing factory in Cancun. We offer a complete list of services when it comes to Matting and Framing. We have different Canvas Sizes as well as beautiful acrylic frames. Please contact us for further details about this services.

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Our team of professionals editors is available to retouch your photos. Our editing services offer retouches such as Colour Correction, Light Adjustments, Skin Tone retouching, Black & White Copies & Cropping. We do not do Photoshop this is a service that is not included in our editing services but we do have it available as an extra charge please contact us for further details on photoshop edits.

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Wether we were your photographers or not our printing services are available to everybody. We offer a different array of state of the art photo albums for weddings or family memories. Our printing services also offer printing in different types of materials as well as sizing. Contact us directly to get more information on the printing services we have available for you.

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Our company can help you reach out to your clients and get their attention with different Advertising tools. Please contact us with your ideas our printing factory surely has something to help you putting your name out there.

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Where does Novia Mia Photography Operate?

Our central offices are located in Cancun together with the album fabric, however we operate on site for many well known resorts in the area i.e JW Marriot, Paradisus Cancun, Paradisus Playa del Carmen, Secrets Silversands, Barcelo Palace the Luxe, Barcelo Maya Beach, Barcelo Maya Colonial, Barcelos Tropical and Barcelo Maya Caribe to name a few. Aside of covering the majority of the weddings that happen in these resorts we also work as external vendors and we can cover your wedding no matter what resort or location you are planning to get married at.

What Styles of Wedding Photography does Novia Mia Photography offer?

Most of our photographers come from a journalistic background meaning they like to capture your day just as it unfolds. Our photographers will be looking for unique moments during your day and will capture them with a touch of their own style. During the Bride & Groom Studio its important for us to elaborate "creative and artistic portraits" that you will cherish forever. Our team of photographers is also prepared to take a more classic approach if that is what you are looking for, please take a look at our individual photographer portfolios to choose the best match to the style you are looking for.

We are coming down to the Mayan Riviera until the date of our wedding is there a way we can schedule a conference call to go over the coverage?

We regularly answer all of your questions via email or a telephone calls. We are really good with answering emails with a very fast response rate and we are available all day until 6pm for a telephone call. However if you would like we can also do a conference call in Skype so we can go through everything together and answer all the queries that you may have.

What will you be able to capture in your deluxe packages?

Deluxe packages basically deliver all the different stages of your wedding day. From the getting ready to the Reception. We also take care of the wedding details such as your rings, jewellery, wedding outfits, decoration, set up etc. We will deliver all the important photos that make up a complete wedding collection but we also aim to deliver photos that will surprise you and that you didn't have in mind.

Are you able to take a group photo of all our attendees?

We can definitely arrange a group photo with all your wedding guests given your wedding venue has a space or a location to do so. When having very large groups of people the group photo needs time to be done. Organising a big group of people its not a fast and easy task and many times it will take time of the Bride & Groom Photo Studio. Having said that the best time to do the group photo will be right after the ceremony when all your guests are gathered in one location, if you help us through this we will be able to take care of it fast and smoothly.

How long does it take to do our photos and what is the best time to do them?

The Bride and Groom photo studio is a part of the service were we like to use a lot of creativity to create beautiful and a great variety of portraits of just the two of you. This is were you can get the most out of your photographer, we usually like to use 1 hour of your time to take care of your Bride & Groom Photo Studio. With our experience we have found out the best time to do this is at the time of the cocktail. At this hour your guests are entertained by the cocktail and its much better use of the time you hired us to do Studio Session than coverage of candid shots of people at a cocktail. Have in mind that its important to do this photos before Sunset for lighting purposes. If your are not having a cocktail we have alternate options for you please contact us via email for specifics.

What can we do in case it rains and we cant do the Photo Studio in the different Outdoor Locations?

Rain is something that we are used to dealing with as we live in a tropical destination. The portraits that we will do for you always have more to do with your personality as a couple that the background in which these are taken. If it rains don't worry about the weather, be yourself and we will make sure to make the most out the time we have with you. Many times rain brings a scenario were our photographers are able to experiment and do some very creative photography. This usually brings a lot of fun and laughs into the mix and you will be surprised on how this photos can turn out. If you are curious of how we have approached these weather situations let us know and we will share with you some great shots that we did in rainy wedding days. The other option that we have given many times to our couples is if the rain is really bad, we can come back the next day or another day during your stay in the area to take care of your Bride & Groom portraits.

Can your team work of a shot list of my must have pictures?

When it comes to directing the style of photography you would like for your wedding we like to look at the big picture. Following the style of photography that you like by looking at your inspiration photos. This approach will give us the tools we need to follow the style of photography that you are looking for and it will allow us to make the most of of the time we have with you. Based on our experience following a list of specific shots can deviate the photographers attention. This will have them more worried about not missing any shots in your list than doing the job of documenting your wedding.

How many photographers will there be at our wedding?

During large coverages it is important to have a second shooter. The second shooter will be in charge of the Groom's Getting Ready as well as assisting the lead photographer for the Bride & Groom Photo Studio and the Reception, as well as engaging as a second angle during the Ceremony. When Choosing Novia Mia Photography as your Photographers you will get a choice of who you want as your lead photographer and the assistant will be assigned by the studio.

What is the estimated time of delivery for our Wedding Photo Collection?

Our contracts offer a very good turn around time of 3 to 5 weeks. During our premium wedding season we will need the 5 weeks to retouch your photos properly and deliver them to industry standards. Many times when we are not so busy we will be able to reduce the delivery time and surprise you with the photos sooner than you expected them.

How can we make a reservation for your services?

To book Novia Mia Photography for your wedding day we have a simple process to follow. After you look at our packages and decide what is the best fit for the coverage you are looking for. We need you to send us your personal details to draft a contract for your revision. Our photography agreement is very simple and once you are ok with the terms of the agreement we just require a 10% deposit to make the reservation. The balance can be paid once you arrive at the resort for your convenience.